About Us


The founder

We are a blog site founded by Doris M. Walker. She is an interior designer and a graphic designer with experience in interior and exterior deco.

Her experience in the industry is the drive towards the formation of this blog.

We aim to educate and equip our viewers with tips for the use of contemporary art in various aspects of beauty.

That’s the policy for all our writers and contributors.

Our Statement


We aim to integrate both tradition and modern art technology to improve our projects’ aesthetic value.

We value creative art, and that is the basis of this blog. We bring like-minded individuals on one platform where they can share experiences to learn from them.


We want to bring art to your doorstep. At your fingertips, you can access all manner of information that comes in handy to manage and handle unique projects that come your way.

This is the place to fall back to need anytime something new and exciting to add value to your artistic creations.

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