Interior design experts encourage homeowners to start with an artwork when they want to decorate a space. The best thing about art is it helps bring your whole house together and sets the tone for your color palette. That’s because once you find a piece of art you love, there are numerous shades of every single color out there that you can match to your art.

Art makes your home feel cozy, reflects your style, and makes the four blank walls of a new house feel like your home. Here is how you can choose art for your home.


The first phase of selecting art is to assess your walls. Go around your house and identify what areas you’re going to put art on. This will help you figure out the kind of art layout that would look best there.

Once you decide on that, mentally be thinking of sizes. So, if you will have a big piece of art above the bed, keep that in mind that you will need a 50 by 50 piece of art.

Sort Your Art By Room

After you have selected all of your art and saved favorites, send the top selections to your phone and then go into each room. Swipe through each photo in that room. But there are a couple of things to note.

First, make sure you are standing in the room, and it has decent light. That way, you get a true picture of what the art would look like in the room. Swipe through the art and match it with the room. At this point, you want to go through each room and save your art to a folder that’s named after that room. That way, you can categorize all the different options of the photo prints or the artwork pieces that you liked in each room.

Generally, it would help if you didn’t put the same piece of art into separate rooms. However, in this phase, when you’re still in the brainstorming part, it’s okay to identify the same art piece in several different rooms. This is because eventually, you will narrow it down and pick one piece of art per room.

Print Out One Copy Of Each Art Piece

Next, print out one copy of each of the prints that you love. Let’s say you liked print A for three different rooms. Don’t print it out three different times. Instead, print it out one time. Then, when it comes out of the printer, flip it over and write on the back of all the different sizes that that piece of art comes in. Also, write down all the rooms that you thought it would look good in. So, you’ll write down the bedroom, living room, and hallway. Do that for each of the photos that are in your favorite file.

Do an Art Mock-Up

Take each of those pieces of paper and organize them by room. So, let’s say you start with your bedroom. Tape that piece of paper up on the wall where you want the art piece to go. Stand back with your significant other or roommate and ask them if they like it. Does it go well?

Take off the ones that are very obviously a no and cross those ones out on the back where you had all the rooms listed out. It can get confusing if you don’t do that. Put it in a pile to go to the next room and then go back to what you have. What is left is kind of what your final favorites are. You may even land on your actual favorite at this moment, or you may have two or three that you still have to decide on.

Take a photo of the paper on the wall so that you could go back and look at it. Then take all of those art prints off the wall, put them in the next pile of where they should go. After doing that, go to the next room and do the same thing. Repeat that process in every room that you’re selecting art for.

Leave it On the Wall for a Week

Leave the piece of paper on the wall for about five days and evaluate it after every breakfast meal. Get a good feel for it. Wake up to it every morning for a few days and see if you actually like it. If you are doing this with someone else, consult each other. After that period, pick one piece of art. Order it immediately because if you don’t, you’ll never decide. Instead, you will go back and forth, and you’ll never get art on your walls.

Use a Prop to Determine Which Size to Order

The most important thing when you are trying to determine placement and facing is finding a household item that is similar in size to what you are purchasing in your artwork. You could use a bath towel, a piece of cardboard, or even a book cover.

This allows you to visualize if that print is something you can put on your wall in that size and if it’s going to look good or too overwhelming. All of those clarifying decisions and confidence that you’ll gain from having it life-size on your wall will allow you to be super excited about purchasing those pieces.

Getting Started

You’ll love the different pieces that you have in your space, and you’ll know the right sizes. This whole little process we went through will make it so easy and confident. We hope you learned lots and enjoyed reading some tips on how to decorate those walls and get them beautiful with lots of pretty art.